Neo Lingua ex Kinema Arti

Si vi ski de filma Avatar, vi pa audi u lingua Na'vi. Plus u-ci lingua habe bio extra kinema-do. Mi pa dektekti mega loka de u Na'vi lingua per u inter-reti : Learn Na'vi.

Vi pote gene sko de u-ci lingua per lekto, audi e per visita u forum--panto-ra la es gratis. Mi pa komenci gene sko de Na'vi tem bi setimana. U lingua ne es no-facili e es kali soni. Plus gravi: il es forti aktivi komuniti ko fo-interese Na'vi-pe.

Na'vi vive. Na'vi kresce. 'Ivong Na'vi !


  1. Anonymous31/3/10 03:25

    Hi. I'm really interested in learning Glosa. It certainly looks like a very clear, logical language. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a lesson book online that's very straightforward. I've been to the main Glosa site & they have an "18 Steps" section but that section doesn't look all that clear. How were you able to learn Glosa? Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Been away from this blog for a while. Getting back to it now. To answer your question: the "18 Steps" is how I'm learning Glosa. The site is rather clunky, so I bought the book. More content, and more clear. Also, check out the Yahoo group (click on icon). Good luck.

  3. Hello! I want to start learning Glosa. Unfortunately, the Glosa lessons are very bad for the Russians. I'm talking about the lessons that are on the site http://glosa.org/. These lessons are poorly translated into Russian. Can you recommend me some other courses? Thanks!